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[Complaint] Anonymous user:Wrong eyes (2016-02-20 02:50:38)
Hello again! I continue on the topic of my order number: 2016011737530 where I ordered 2 pairs of 16mm eyes TE-03, but received two pairs of TE-02 eyes instead. I'm not planning to make a new order soon, but I would just like to get the right eyes.
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have you receive our previous reply?
sorry the international shipping fee is soo expensive~ you can keep the two wrong eyes as gift, and we can sent refund,please let we know your paypal address~
[Buy] Anonymous user:About Error message (2016-02-18 05:53:04)
I paid with paypal and got reciept mail from paypal. But my order status is 'unpaid'. Could you check my order? Order No. 2016021759230
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don't worry the payment is received ^___^
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
thx for support~
[Enquiry] kirika20:Change size please (2016-02-15 23:05:14)
Hello, I just realized that I made a mistake with some items, my order is 2016012982070. Some SD13 items should be SD17, I'm sorry! is it possible to change the size? these are the items that need to be changed to SD17/70cm size: NO:MLD230 東京 NO:SRT249 AD Also, is it possible to combine orders? I'm going to make another soon (I made it before but I had to cancel it because I chose the wrong size), please let me know if it is possible. Thank you for your help, Jaz
Admin Replay
thx for support~
i have change the size for MLD230+SRT249~ don't worry~
for your new add order:2016020828402
i have change the shipping fee for you~
please check~
[Enquiry] kirika20:Combine orders please (2016-02-10 05:15:51)
Hello! Is it possible to combine order 2016020828402 with the order 2016012982070? if it is possible, please let me know the new total so I can pay immediately. Thank you!
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^___^ we have change the shipping fee~ please check~
[Enquiry] ArcaneDesires:Adding to order 2016020301717 (2016-02-05 00:55:25)
Hello, so sorry to bother you, I wondered if it was possible to add LIM236 Paper roses RED x1, LIM236 Paper roses WINE x1, LIM236 Paper roses Purple x1 and LIM236 Paper roses CHAMPAGNE x1 to my current order #2016020301717 and if so do I have to pay shipping again? Many thanks and sorry I didn't add them yesterday, I just now saw them and realised I wanted them. Have a lovely spring festival!
Admin Replay
hi dear~ you can add these items~
for these paper roses,don't need add shipping fee~
i will make an notice for your order~
please send 1.6X1.04(paypal service charge)=1.66USD to our paypal address:
any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Buy] Rochel:payment failed ? (2016-02-04 22:54:39)
Hi ! After the payment through paypal, it came back to your website saying the payment had failed, but I've received the paypal email with transaction number saying it succeeded. Could you please tell me if everything's ok, because my order status is still on unconfirmed and unpayed. Thanks !
Admin Replay
^___^ thx for your order~ we just back from our Traditional holiday~
the payment is received~ don't worry~
thx for support~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:fabric (2016-02-01 15:08:22)
I wanted to know if you could tell me where the plaid fabric comes from for the msd pajamas? I am looking to have a shirt made but the artist has been unable to find any fabric in scale for dolls it's number 16/17 here: NO:SEL010 S-P(12 material for choose)
Admin Replay
sorry,I don't quite understand what you mean.
you want the material number 16/17 to make nomarl shirt? or just want the material of the fabric.
[Complaint] marikaara:Wrong eyes (2016-01-30 02:09:19)
Hello! My order number: 2016011737530 I ordered 2 pairs of 16mm eyes TE-03, but received two pairs of TE-02 eyes instead. It seems there's a flaw on your listing, the picture of the TE-03 eyes is listed with the name TE-02. I ordered the eyes based on the picture on the sales page and did not actually even notice the error in your listing. But I have no use for these eyes you sent me. I would like to have the correct ones. Let me know what to do!
Admin Replay
sorry for the mistake~
that must be some trouble with our website system~
if you make order again~ we can send the eyes with your new order.
if you will not make order recently,we can sent you reply~
thx for support~ *^____^*
[Enquiry] cocomode:paymant (2016-01-26 23:43:20)
Hi,TATA! I did an order and a payment. But, indicated "The payment was failed." (*I have received payment completion notification from paypal.) Please confirm that a payment is done. My order number is "2016012678097". thank you :)
Admin Replay
^___^ thx for your order~ we just back from our Traditional holiday~
your payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
[Enquiry] raselikat:Question About Order (2016-01-23 03:03:19)
Upon completing order using Paypal, Tata website said payment failed. However, I received a receipt from my credit card that shows payment went through. This happened before with a previous order when it was a time of holiday for you and I was wondering if this is the same issue as last time. Please ensure my payment has been received. Thank you! Raselikat ^^
Admin Replay
the track number for your order is: LS541008753CN
hope you have receive it *^___^*

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