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[Message] Anonymous user:Clothing size (2016-04-04 16:43:22)
Hi! I search some pants for my SID boy from Iplehouse, here is his measurements: Circumference of waist: 19.6 cm Circumference of pelvis: 29.6 cm Circumference of thigh: 17 cm I would like to know if these SSDF item will fits him: NO:LBT140 Black-OR NO:LBT135 Hole Pants NO:LBT134 Tassels Pants Thank you~
Admin Replay
>_< do your sure about the meansurement?
couse my friend told me the SID
* neck circumference: 12cm
* bust: 33.7cm
* width: 17cm
* arm length: 22cm
* arm circumference: 12cm
* wrist circumference: 7cm
* waist circumference: 24cm
* pelvic circumference: 29.3cm
* thigh circumference: 18.4cm
* leg length: 41cm
* ankle circumference: 8.5cm
* foot length: 9.2cm
seems the measurement is not the same~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~
for your measurement, we need more detail ~
for the pants ,we need know the waist, also need to know thigh circumference~
hope you can let we know , and make sure about the meansurement~
[Message] LeXarius:About my order. (2016-04-03 13:16:52)
Hello. I sent payment for order 2016040396440. It says I did not pay it but the payment did go through and is no longer in my paypal. It was sent to Email: Unique Transaction ID #20K809578W761225H Please confirm you got my payment? Thanks!
Admin Replay
thx for support~
your payment is received~ don't worry~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours *^____^* any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Please confirm (2016-04-02 23:39:24)
Hi :) I just made my order (Nr: 2016040207471), can you confirm that you received payment? How long will my order take to ship? Greetings, Ara
Admin Replay
thx for the order *^_^*
the payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Message] Anonymous user:model (2016-04-02 18:27:24)
hello! I was just wondering if you could tell me what model/make was used in these photos? thankyou!
Admin Replay
the model in picture is Sleep School-A(Volks-JAPAN)
*^___^* thx for support~
[Enquiry] Dalmont:Restock Question (2016-04-02 08:43:07)
Hello! I was wondering when you will restock the NO:SHO162 Sport-star(A) and their white counterparts? I am very interested in purchasing a set or two. Thank you.
Admin Replay
thx for interesting~
we have restock the shoes: SHO162 and the white type SHO161~
you can order them in our website now *^___^*
any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Enquiry] spacegasm:Question (2016-04-01 08:16:25)
Hello my order number is 2016031865084 and you guys sent me an email a few days ago about my order not having the right zone? I am so sorry this was my first time ordering from here! How do I go about making sure it is being sent to the USA? and It also said something about how my shipping fee was wrong too
Admin Replay
your order is send *^___^*
track number is LS731305253CN
and we have sent mail to you,please check~
[Complaint] Anonymous user:Order (2016-03-27 10:33:19)
I know it was said that my order 2016022949050 had one item wrongly made (IP shirt) but it's going to be more then a month already since my order and it is still not yet shipped. May I know WHEN it will be ship?? I was expecting the package sooner, I need the items for one of my dolls who is still bald and eyeless thanks to this delay. Please look into it as soon as possible. So far your service has been fast and great, Now I am deeply disappointed at this.
Admin Replay
your order is few days ago~
track number is: EV947943758CN
seems it be received ~ hope you like them~
thx for support~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Doll identification (2016-03-25 14:55:53)
Could you please tell me the name of the company that made the 1/4 doll in the picture? Thank you.
Admin Replay
thx for interesting~
the doll in picture is made by SOOM-Korea
i can't remember the company name very clear~ only remember the name: Egyptian cat
hope this will be help~*^___^*
[Enquiry] GamerGirlLexi:RE: Shipping Question/Email? (2016-03-21 08:54:41)
Did you get the email I sent you in regards to your response on Order # 2016021950117? If not, which email should I use? Thank you. :)
Admin Replay
no >_< we have not receive your mail~ we have check all the mail, but have not find your mail~
our mail is:
PS: the shoes is be restock in 2days~
we will pack the packet when we receive it~~
[Enquiry] GamerGirlLexi:Shipping question (2016-03-18 14:07:12)
Hello! I was just wondering if you were going to ship my order 2016021950117 soon? Thank you! <3
Admin Replay
>_< oh dear~~~
we have sent mail to you 1~2weeks ago~
the shoes in your order is out of stock~ will be restock at the end of March~
we have the same type, but black colour in stock~
we have send the mail, but not get your reply >_<
please leave us message let we know if you want to change the colour or keep wait ~
thx for support~

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