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[Message] mangamaureen:Shipping Address (2016-05-02 02:52:37)
Hello! My order has not been shipped yet and I just found out I'm moving. I was wondering if you could possibly ship it to my new address instead. My order number is 2016041787636. I was also curious if there is something on my order that is out of stock and shipping is waiting on. Thank you.
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hi dear~
your order is finished yesterday~ we will sent it in this week~
please let we know your new address~
you can sent your new address to:
or leave message here~
please let we know ASAP~~❤
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:tracking (2016-04-29 22:16:42)
Can I please have the tracking information for 2016041342853
Admin Replay
the post office told us the packet send on April 19th all be recieved >_<
we will ask them for detail today~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:tracking (2016-04-25 23:42:46)
I never got my tracking for 2016041342853 please provide
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hi dear~ your packet is send on April 19th~ but the post office have not update track number for us.
they just tell us all the packet send on April 19th have be received >_< hope you have receive it~
[Enquiry] albeli:Item sold out (2016-04-22 09:01:50)
When will No. LJJ004 White Angel Wing B be back in stock? Thank you.
Admin Replay
>_< sorry ,recently will not restock it~
thx for support~ ❤
[Message] kellyfrancisco:Payment (2016-04-14 22:24:26)
my transaction is 2016041342853, submitted payment on paypal and messege "payment failed". Funds have been taken out of paypal account. Paypal transaction 0LD59485527404011. please confirm you got payment. also pls provide tracking
Admin Replay
thx for support~ the payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
and your order is ready, we will sent it in 3days~
[Message] Anonymous user:Clothig size (2016-04-14 21:46:55)
Hi it's me again, the one who search pants for my SID from Iplehouse~ To be honest I took the measurements of Iplehouse without measuring my own boy, but yes it doesn't match, I'm so sorry! >_< So now I did it, and your friend was right! I measured the waist, which was 24cm, the biggest part of the thigh was 19 cm, and also his hips, which are 31 cm! I hope this time I did everything right, and that you'll have a pant which will fits him! Thank you again for your answer! ^_^
Admin Replay
NO:LBT119 Leather Leggings & NO:LBT149 Python Leggings =====>Material elasticity is very good! maybeyou can DIY SSDFsize.
NO:LBT176 Haren pants NO:LBT181 Sports pants
are Casual style~ will be little tight for your doll, but also you can try~
at last ,you can choose:
after your order this, leave us message or sent mail to our mail:
let we know your order number~
this LBT180 can make SID size~
hope this reply will be help~
[Message] Anonymous user:Payment (2016-04-14 07:31:36)
I paid thru paypal but your site said "payment failed". The amount was taken out of my paypal account. Transaction number 2016041342853. Transaction ID with paypal 0LD59485527404011. please confirm you received my payment
Admin Replay
^___^ the payment is received~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~ thx for support~
[Message] drea1985:Shipping - 2016013107129 (2016-04-11 19:19:53)
Hello tata! When you will ship my Order (2016013107129)? Greeting Andrea
Admin Replay
>_< your order is send to the European line few days ago~
now they only give us the track number in Chinese website:17008212527
i have tried this number can't be check in abroad website~
when the pacaket arrive your country, the track number will be change, and the packet will be delivery by UPS~
we are waitting for the new track number~
when we get it , we will sent mail to let you know~ thx for keep waitting~
[Message] cowpewter:payment (2016-04-10 10:05:49)
Hi, I just made order 2016041019650 It said "Paid Failed" when I came back to the site, but my paypal transaction id is 5JS78183Y0904720A and went through. Can you please confirm that you received my payment? Thank you.
Admin Replay
don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
your payment is confirmed~ thx for support~
[Message] Anonymous user:Please confirm (2016-04-07 23:12:06)
Please confirm you got payment for order 2016040207471, thank you!
Admin Replay
*^___^* thx for support~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
and for your order, it send few days ago~
track number is: EA212904454CN
hope you will receive it safely >_<~

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