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[Enquiry] Zapfen:2016120475382 (2016-12-14 20:05:06)
Hi, Thank you so much for the information about my payment! :) Do you have an estimate for when the order might be ready to ship? Have a wonderful day!
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~ your order is nearly finished~ we will sent it in next week~
have a nice day~
[Message] Anonymous user:Payment received? (2016-12-13 23:36:10)
Hello, I placed an order on December 3rd and haven't gotten an order confirmation yet. When I paid for my order, I got a page saying the payment failed, but I read your Q&A and many people had the same problem. I read that the order would be confirmed in 36 hours, but it's been over 36 hours for me. My transaction ID is 7P833574C3241530W Please let me know if you got my payment. Thank you!
Admin Replay
could you let we know the order number ? cause the paypal don't let we search with the transaction ID. the order number will be easy~~
waiting for the reply~
[Message] leona344:Cancel order 2016120866704 (2016-12-08 09:23:53)
hi, please cancel this order because I made some mistakes. I paid for it already so please refund me. I will make another order later. Thanks
Admin Replay
don't worry~ the refund is send,please check~
and we have sent mail to you ~^___^
[Enquiry] Zapfen:2016120475382 (2016-12-07 23:21:36)
Hello, I placed an order last weekend and I wonder if the payment has been received? Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!
Admin Replay
thx for order ~~ ^___^
the payment is received~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
and wish you have a wonderful day~~❤
[Complaint] mystogan6:refund (2016-12-06 14:10:31)
hello i canceled my order but i didnt get refunded yet and it has been more than two months
Admin Replay
the refund is send on Otc.28th. we have sent mail to you.
[Message] cherryzip:order no 2016112256963 (2016-12-02 10:58:14)
When will you ship these?
Admin Replay
your packet is send to the post office~
we are waiting for the track number~^___^
when we get it, we will update soon~
[Message] Anonymous user:Custom Shoe sizes? (2016-11-22 04:42:41)
Hi :) I love the NO:SHO067 Tiance shoes. But they wouldn't fit my Granado evol body. (His feet are 10cm long.) So would it be possible to order shoes like this in custom sizes? Thank you!
Admin Replay
for SHO067,inside is about 9.5X4cm, can't fit for 10cm size feet >_<~
and this shoes only make one size ,can't make custom sizes, i'm sorry~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Order received? (2016-11-19 11:08:19)
Hi. I placed an order a couple days ago and paid through Paypal, but I got a notice that the payment failed. However, Paypal says the transaction went through. The transaction number is 2016111720052. Can you please tell me if you received my order? Thanks!
Admin Replay
don't worry ^___^
your payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
thx for support~
[Message] scheva1985:Shipping (2016-11-09 00:52:48)
Hi, i want to know when you gonna send my order 2016110491965, thanks.
Admin Replay
your packet is send ,track number is: EA247101617CN
[Message] Anonymous user:Confirm Receipt of Payment (2016-05-05 01:33:26)
Hi, I sent payment for this order 5/4/16 through paypal. Can you confirm receipt of payment? 2016050405326 Thank you!
Admin Replay
thx for support >_<
the payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~

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