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[Message] Anonymous user:order (2016-12-30 05:34:12)
hello, I sent a message the other day but haven't gotten a response yet. I was wondering if I should place my order again seeing as I didn't get a confirmation email and it told me there was an error even though the payment on my paypal went through on the 23rd. I don't have an order number because I checked out as a guest and I'm just wondering what my options are or if you had indeed received my order. thanks!
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could you let me know your order number ?
or the mail address you leave in the order?
>_< without them I don't know which is your order~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:confirmation (2016-12-29 05:59:01)
hello! I placed an order on the 26th and am having the same problem as others here where the payment said it was failed but the payment went through on my paypal. unfortunately I was never given an order number because it said it had failed. if there's any other information I could get, that would be fantastic. the exact amount sent from my paypal was $70.10 if that helps at all. thanks in advance.
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don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
and your packet is send today~: EA247091472CN
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Order#2016110379865 (2016-12-29 05:11:10)
Hello im just messaging about my order that shipped out on the 24th of November. Im wondering if I should be concerned that it hasn't updated since the 24th. I do know that sometimes the post can take a bit when its coming from over seas. But im not sure if this much of a laps of time in unusual or what you normally see Thanks again for your help
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OMG~~~ I will call the post office to ask them if they can check ~
if get any reply,we will sent mail to let you know~
[Enquiry] FairyChan:2016121916080 (2016-12-28 19:10:42)
Hello^^ I have placed an order on December 20th and I would like to know when my order will be ship. Could you give me an estimation, please? Thanks.
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thx for keep waiting~
your packet is send today~ track number is:EV920292188CN
hope you will receive it safely~
[Message] Anonymous user:aliexpress (2016-12-26 21:44:33)
Hi! This is your store ?,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_10000009_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10037_10054_10059_10032_10099_10078_10079_10077_427_10093_10103_10073_10102_10096_10052_10050_10051,searchweb201603_2,afswitch_5&btsid=f49f37ca-d665-493a-a000-5e38ef02863b
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this is my friend's shop~
We give them part of the sale of goods authorized.
happy new year~
[Message] smishka:Comfirmation (2016-12-23 00:35:18)
Hi there! I placed my order on December 18th 2016 and I got my paypal payment receipt but no confirmation from TATA, on my profile it says my order status is confirmed. I am just wondering when my order will ship. My order number is 2016121888973 Thank you!
Admin Replay
thx for support~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
don't worry~ ^___^ and wish you have a nice day~
happy new year~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Order 2016111720052 (2016-12-22 03:41:52)
Hi! I just wanted to check on the status of my order (2016111720052). I placed it last month. Do you know when it will be ready to ship? Thank you :)
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~
your packet will be send in a week~ >_<
happy new year~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Restock On Eyes (2016-12-21 08:43:39)
when will NO:EYE TE-05 and NO:EYE TE-17 be back in stock?
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thx for interesting~
we will restock the eyes at the end of Jan.
[Message] Anonymous user:Hi im a new comer~! (2016-12-19 17:57:35)
while shopping I found this picture of a little girl and she is sooooooooo adorable!!could you PLEASE PLEASE tell me its type or company? Here is the link of your taobao page.T^TThank you in advance for your reply.
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thx for interesting~
the doll is made by SOOM-korea
I only know the Chinese name: 埃及猫
hope this reply will be help~
[Message] Anonymous user:2016120601186 (2016-12-15 14:27:51)
hello, when will this ship?Thank you
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~ your packet is sent few days ago~ track number is: LT634084482CN
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