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[Message] Anonymous user:What mold/make? (2010-06-14 07:29:58)
Is the boy you have wearing the red checkered coat. << that one. I'm in love with him! His face is gorgeous, But I havent a clue where to get one!
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oh~ ><
he is Dream School-A ~ you can see him in Volks (JAPAN).
[Message] Anonymous user:Shipping cost (2010-06-12 02:32:04)
How much is shipping to Russia?
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^__^ if you choose EMS~
From 35USD (500g),more than 500g every 500g add 9 USD~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:90cm clothes (2010-06-11 10:49:52)
Hi, can you make any of your clothes for a 90cm Angel of Dream doll? I would be so happy!! Thanks, Lisa
Admin Replay
oh~>///< sorry~ we can't make this size~
have a nice day~

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