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[Message] oksatow:my order (2017-03-22 01:49:04)
ello! Would you be so kind to tell me when my order 2017021615810 will be shipped? Thanks! Oksana
Admin Replay
your packet is send to the post office~
but they have not update the track number , maybe in Monday or Tursday~ ^_^
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Order Status (2017-03-21 23:40:00)
Hi I placed an order on the the 14th of March. The site said payment failed and I received no confirmation email. My order status says the payment was received but I have no update on my order any idea when it will ship? Or is there some problem?
Admin Replay
please let we know your order number ^___^ or your ID~
we can check the detail for you~
PS:we usually confirm the payment in 36hours,don't worry~
[Buy] ginarolo:First order (2017-03-03 07:53:43)
I paid for my first order on February 25 by paypal. I have not received a confirmation yet for my payment. Please let me know if there is any problem. Where do I check to see if order has shipped and tracking number?
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~
your order is finished and send yesterday~
track number is: EA262812234CN
hope you will receive it safely~
[Message] tkrhk1229:Shipping. (2017-02-21 19:16:38)
Hi I wonder when it will be shipped. (2017020697803)
Admin Replay
hi dear~ thx for keep waiting~
your order is still on working~  we need more 7days to finish the accessories~
we will try our best~
[Message] Anonymous user:size clothes (2017-02-20 20:57:39)
hello , i send you a message for know , if your clothes is compatible with iPLEHOUSE JID? thanks for your answer.
Admin Replay
sorry~ recently we have update make outfits for this size >_<~
[Message] gothamghouls:Payment Confirmation (2017-02-18 02:41:11)
Hello, I have sent the payment for order# 2017021742818 and it said that the payment failed, however I got a notice from paypal for successful payment. Please confirm if you have received the payment, Thank you!
Admin Replay
don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment is 36hours~~ it's confirmed now~~~(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~
[Message] Anonymous user:restock (2017-02-09 04:50:20)
are you guys going to restock NO:LIM166 DISC in colour type B?
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~
we have restock the typeB , and it's update in in our website~
any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Message] akitsune:Payment confirmation (2017-01-10 07:58:43)
Hi there! I want to request a payment confirmation for my order 2017010905349 Tansaction ID: 5GP63419EU094691H Thanks!
Admin Replay
thx for support~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ don't worry~
and your packet is send on Jan. 18th~ track number is: EV918880239CN
hope you will receive it safely~ ^___^
[Enquiry] dapperzebra:Shipment? (2017-01-05 06:17:42)
Hello, I have been tracking my package and it shipped on 2016-12-23 and it says it dispatched from the sorting center on 2016-12-25 but no update since then. Do you know where it is? Thank you! Happy new year! ^_^
Admin Replay
hi dear~ we have check the track number on website~ seems the packet receive your country on Jan.4th~~hope you will receive it soon~
[Enquiry] silverwings88:My order 2016110379865 (2017-01-03 00:17:26)
Im just messaging to ask if i should be worried that my tracking status has not updated since the 24th of November. I've never ordered from this site before so i dont know the normal shipping time frame for a package to arrive once shipped. I do know that sometimes international shipping can sometimes take sometime to arrive.and with the holidays it is going to take longer but im just worried it may have gotten lost.
Admin Replay
>_<sorry for late reply~
we have leave message to post office ask them for help~
any reply we will sent mail to let you know~
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