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[Message] MissAniThrope:Payment failed??? (2015-07-23 18:34:44)
Hello, I just paid for a few items and it said the payment failed, but I checked PayPal and the payment HAS been made!!! Can you please tell me if you have received my money???
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don't worry~ the payment is received~
and the packet is finished, track number is:EV967740683CN
hope you will receive it soon~*^____^*
[Message] smwoman:Order #2015072227336 (2015-07-23 14:37:43)
Hello! I made payment for my order #2015072227336. Transaction ID 8EB45645V7576873L
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hi dear~
your payment is received~ and the packet is finished today~
track number is: LM953268235CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Red Wig (2015-07-22 23:11:35)
Hi! I've been eyeing this one wig that you have had out of stock but it seems to be out of stock every time I look. Are you going to be getting any more of this item? NO:WTM001 Thanks!
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>_<~ this will not restock again~
but,i will sent your suggest to TATA~,ask she to update more red hair ~
thx for support~
[Enquiry] luvira:Order 2015071458480 (2015-07-20 17:29:59)
Hello, just checking when will my order be shipped? Order number is 2015071458480 Thanks!
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the packet is send ~>_<
track number is: EV967740754CN
you can check this number after 36hours~
[Message] Anonymous user:order no 2015060749811 (2015-06-30 01:58:57)
Hello! I was wondering how long my order will take to finish. Thanks!
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hi dear~
we have check your order,it's be send on June 24th.
track number is: LN018323253CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Message] Anonymous user:Shipment order 2015062241973 (2015-06-29 17:41:17)
Hi there! I just would like to know when you intend to ship my order 2015062241973 ?? Thanks a lot :)
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thx for keep waiting~
the pakcet is send on July 2ed, track number is:LM949808662CN
hope you will receive it soon~~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:I have a question (2015-06-24 13:17:13) Hello. I'd like to order candle stick B type. but I can't select type B. is it sold out?
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>_< thx for interesting~
recently , the NO:LIM157 Candlestick,typeB is out of stock~ only typeA for sale~
we will not restock it until the type A sold out~
hope you can understand~>////<~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Shipping date (2015-06-23 20:45:13)
I ordered at 5 Jul 2015, Order No 2015060549672. And, Payed 5 Jul 2015 from Paypal. But I have not yet received it. When my order will be shipped out? Thanks!
Admin Replay
seems your order be received~ >_<~ hope you like them~~
[Message] Anonymous user:Gas mask (2015-06-22 21:40:14)
Hi. I want to ask about shipping cost to Viet Nam for 1 pc. If I buy 2pcs, how much shipping cost? I want to choose Airmail method shipping. Thank you
Admin Replay
^___^for your country~
if you choose EMS,the shipping fee is from 15USD (for 500g),more than 500g,every 500g need add 6USD.
if you choose NO:LIM134 ★Gas mask-SP★
choose 1ea, the shipping fee is 15USD.
choose 2ea, the shipping fee is the same.
for airmail:
we don't suggest you to choose this way~
it's very slowly! hard for check!
if lost ,we will not responsible for this~
--->choose airmail ,the shipping fee is 6USD.
[Enquiry] ta0612:order no 2015061188328 (2015-06-21 19:03:49)
Hello ^^ I want to know the time to send the order and I would be pleased that you will send the tracking number in mail if you sent the order already.
Admin Replay
^__^thx for keep waiting~
we have check your order, it's finished~
but recently is our Dragon Boat Festival,we will not work before Tuesday~
after the holiday~ we will sent the packet ASAP~

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