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[Message] Tater:Order # 2015081804938 (2015-08-19 08:06:41)
Hello! I just want verification of my payment, it has been sent through echeck so I know it'll take a few days before you can verify. Thanks!
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^___^ don't worry ~
your order will be send soon~ it's finished today~
[Message] dollxxy:2015053196065 (2015-08-17 00:49:59)
I have not received my order #2015053196065 please help. I have tried to contact you so many times via email.
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please sent mail to :
we will sent message to post office ask for detail.
[Message] Myaki:Order no.2015072770032 (2015-08-15 00:02:14)
When will my order No.2015072770032 be ready to ship?
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thx for keep waitting~
the order is send ,track number is: EA194489013CN
[Message] Angelkat:Change shipping method? (2015-08-14 05:29:37)
Hi, Where can I change the shipping method? Really dislike DHL. =/ Kind regards, Kat
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>_< sorry~
the EMS and E-packet can't go to your country.
we have ask the post office for several times>_<
only can use DHL~ sorry for no help~
[Message] Anonymous user:Sold Out - Restock? (2015-08-12 02:57:51)
Hello, I would like to buy a pair of glasses for my boy, but the pair I have found that I like are sold out. Is there a possibility that these glasses will be restocked, and if so, when? If you are not going to restock them, is there another way I can get them? The glasses product I like is NO:GAS006 Black, Please let me know, thanks very much!
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sorry >_< this type is sold out.
will not restock again~
[Enquiry] Raventrick:Zip code? (2015-08-07 16:02:31)
I've been trying to place an order, but every time it refuses to let me progress past the shipping information because it keeps saying "Zip code can't for empty". I select Canada (which uses postal codes, not zip codes) and fill in everything correctly, yet it still shows me this message and won't let me pass. Is there any reason it would be doing this? It even says it when I tried to fill in my info on my profile.
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^___^ hi dear~ you can write your code follow your detail address information, and write 000000 in the code blank.
hope this will be help~
[Complaint] cidgaius:unable to buy (2015-08-07 08:04:51)
trying to buy but it says my Zipcode is empty but I put it in. I am in canada
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^___^ don't worry you can write 000000 in the code blank, and write the right code follow your address~
thx for support~
[Buy] Anonymous user:Zip code (2015-08-05 16:41:29)
I've been trying to place an order, but after filling out all the shipping information it doesn't let me continue. it keeps telling me that i haven't filled in the zip code, even though i have (Though I'm in canada so it's a postal code). do you have any idea what it's talking about? o.O
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^___^ don't worry dear~
you can write the code follow your address, and write 000000 in the code's blank.
hope this will be help~
[Message] Anonymous user:Paypal Payment (2015-08-04 14:39:25)
Hello, I made payment via Paypal but it said the payment failed even though it went through. Please check that Order #2015080452840 has been paid for. Thank you!
Admin Replay
we usually confirm the order in 36hours~ don't worry~
and your packet is send ,track number is: EV966682026CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Message] ccloudyy:confirm payment? (2015-07-25 03:47:05)
order number is 2015072419008 it said payment failed, can you confirm that my payment was made? Thank you
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^___^we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
your payment is received, and all in stock.
the packet is send today~
track number is: LN099935545CN

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