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[Complaint] CardMaster:Payment problem (2015-09-11 21:51:56)
Hi, I just made a order (2015091186077), I paid it by paypal, the payment was produced, but your site sent me an error message saying that the payment had failed. My order is always indicated as unpaid, nevertheless my paypal registered well the payment !! Can you help me ?!
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^__^ don't worry your payment is received~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
thx for support~
[Message] Anonymous user:Shipping (2015-09-11 08:08:01)
How long does does it take for an orders to fully process and ready to be ship after payment and as well time of the free dhl to arrive to the usa?
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for the USA. order more than 700USD you can have shipping fee free.
usually more than 700USD,we need about 25~35days to make.if all items is produce by TATA, will need 10~18days.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Consult delivery services (2015-09-09 22:02:30)
Do delivery is also available in Korea ?
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yes dear~
you can choose EMS for delivery~ ^___^
[Message] dream_chaos:item restock (2015-09-07 23:12:36)
Hi! Do you know when you're going to have this shirt (NO:SRT173 GB-T J - back in stock? thank you :)
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^___^ we have last one (SD17&HOUND&DZ70size) in stock~
we have update it in website, you can order it now~
[Message] Anonymous user:Order number (2015-09-05 10:45:29)
Hi, Sorry for bothering, but I'm new to ordering. So I finished ordering and payed and all, but I used the option where I don't have to sign in to pay. Now i don't know my order number? Again, really sorry! I just want to be sure >.>
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>_< could you let we know your ID?
without ID or order number we can't check the detail.
PS:if we receive the payment ,we usually confirm it in 36horus, don't worry~
and if you know ID:
you can sent mail to:
ask TATA change the password for you~
[Enquiry] Nieomy:I need to know about my order (2015-08-28 05:20:23)
I would like to know when my order will be shiped out. what items are you waiting on? Order #2015081219569
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^___^ please check previous reply~ we will sent the packet soon~ don't worry~
[Enquiry] Suldrun45:Order # 2015081250452 (2015-08-22 02:58:52)
Hello, I made this order more than one week ago and from what I see, it has not been shipped yet. Any info about it?
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^___^ usually if the items is not made by TATA. will need more than 15days for making~
don't worry~ your order is will be send on Monday~ we will update track number soon~
[Enquiry] Nuria:Shipping date? (2015-08-21 18:48:30)
Hello, I made my order (2015080854476) about two weeks ago. Is it going to be shipped soon? Thanks ;D
Admin Replay
^^thx for keep waitting~
your order is send~ track number is: EV965596065CN
[Message] Anonymous user:payment failed (2015-08-20 21:59:22)
Hi, I ordered some stuff on the 16th but it said the payment failed but paypal says it went through. Can you confirm you got the payment/my order please? qvq Order# 2015081675772 Transaction ID 147757365R667603B
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^___^ don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
and your order is finished, we have sent it: LS027924463CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Message] cidgaius:Transaction Failed (2015-08-20 08:10:32)
Hello thank you for helping me with the Zip/postal code problem. but it says Transaction failed now.
Admin Replay
don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
and the packet is send to UPS~ when we get the track number, we will update soon~

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