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[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Details (2015-09-24 23:46:56)
I'm trying to fill in my details for shipment address, but it keeps saying zip code can't be empty; even though I've filled in all the appropriate fields. So I cannot place my order.
Admin Replay
*^___^* you can write 000000 in the code blank, and write the right code,follow your detail address~
hope this will be help~
[Message] Anonymous user:My Order???? (2015-09-24 15:44:20)
How Long after an order is confirmed does it take to ship it out?? It's been about a week since I placed my order ;_; just waiting for it to ship..I paid for the fastest shipping so just wondering when my order will get to me!? -Thank you
Admin Replay
please let we know your ID or order number~
without these, we can't check the order >___<
[Complaint] silvereyed:Problem with the phone number (2015-09-22 06:15:45)
Hello! I was trying to make an order, but system give me the message my phone number is wrong. I know it's correct, so how can I make an order? (I am in Russia)
Admin Replay
we see your order.... the packet is be send to the post office. i will call them to bring it back. and we have sent a mail to you , please let we know your number ASAP~ *^___^*
[Message] kikostar:Order 2015092065551 (2015-09-20 22:48:56)
Hi, I paid for my order but it says payment failed. Can you confirm payment? Many thanks
Admin Replay
^___^thx for the order~
the payment is received~ don't worry~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
[Buy] Rusha:Add some items (2015-09-20 17:56:41)
Hello! I'm order 2015091328896 and i just wanted to know if you could add two items in my order, since it hasn't been shipped yet! The two items are: NO:ELS006 TX-01v and NO:ELS035 TO-01 Thank you in advance! Regards
Admin Replay
^___^ yes your can ~
your order is still on working.
please follow these step:
1.make an new order
2.don't pay it,sent mail to: tell TATA your new order number,ask her to change the shipping fee.
3.she will change it and sent you reply, then, you can pay the new order.
you can sent 5.2USD to:
then, sent mail to TATA. ask her to check the payment, and make an notice for your order add.

have a nice day~
[Buy] pinkpanda1168:shipping (2015-09-19 01:01:12)
im trying to buy items but it wont let me buy,it keeps saying i need to put in zip code even though i put in
Admin Replay
^___^you can write 000000, in the zip code blank.
and wirte your code follow your detail address .
hope this reply will be help~
any other question you can sent mail to:
[Message] daisy56:E-mail sent (2015-09-15 04:26:37)
Hello. A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to about a pair of shoes, but I never received a response. I just sent another one, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Admin Replay
we have check your order: 2015090582368
it's send few days ago, track number is:LS071936470CN
hope you will receive it safely~
[Message] Anonymous user:Order number (2015-09-13 13:25:47)
Hello, same person again, sorry. But I didn't create an account for checking out? So i don't have ID <.< Should I make one? Or can i just get an estimate on how long shipping takes if I ordered a pair on pants and shoes? I can just wait xD
Admin Replay
after the order make, you can have an order number.
with the number we can check the detail.
or you sent mail to: give the order mail to TATA. ask her to check the process ^___^
[Message] Anonymous user:Restock? (2015-09-12 05:02:07)
Hello! Will you restock this item for 70 cm anytime soon? Thank you. Francisco
Admin Replay
sorry the material is use out >_< will not restock again~ thx for support, we will update more in furture.
[Enquiry] LEEYK:cancel a payment (2015-09-12 01:41:42)
I made an order, finished to the Paypal payment. However, to cancel the PayPal payment, and I would like to re-order. Can I cancel a payment?
Admin Replay
sorry , your order is send >_< can't cancel ~

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