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[Custom] x9673:Clothes and pants (2015-10-17 01:14:23)
Hello TATA ! i want to buy clothes for my boy specially pants, previous i have buy from TATA website but it didn't fit my boy (his thigh is big) so i wonder if TATA can custom the size ? his lower part body size is = Width of shoulders: 15.5 cm Circumference of chest: 31 cm Circumference of neck: 11 cm Length of arm(from shoulder to wrist): 20.5 cm Length of leg(from hips to ankle): 35 cm Circumference of waist: 22 cm Circumference of hips: 28 cm also can please recommended what size clothes that fit him ? will SD17 fit him ? thank you
Admin Replay
no~~ SD17size can't fit for him~
(chest for your doll: 31cm chest for SD17:28cm)
as we don't know height & Thigh circumference~ we can't give detail suggest~
as the chest, maybe you can choose SSDF size~*^___^*
[Buy] Anonymous user:Order #2015101586994 (2015-10-15 16:01:45)
Hello! I paid my order#2015101586994. But I got an error message on the site. The status of my order "Unpaid". This payment has been received?Please check it. Thank You!
Admin Replay
don't worry~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours >_<
thx for support~
[Message] littlebirdzoom:2015100342573 (2015-10-14 00:19:12)
Hello, when will my order ship out? I have ordered from you before and it was fast, but it's been a week since I ordered and it ha snot shipped. I'm only wondering.
Admin Replay
thx for keep waitting~
your packet is send to the post office yesterday~ and they give us track number:LS159671352CN
you can check this number after 36hours~
wish you will receive it soon~ *^___^*
[Message] romashka:Complain (2015-10-12 17:20:49)
My order: 2015080465361 was delivered, but with 1 item demaged. Please answer my email from September 29th! Thanks!
Admin Replay
@_@have you sent mail to TATA?
she have not tell me receive any mail about this~
you can sent mail to:
let her know detail~
PS: she will out for visit from Otc.14th~22th~
during these time ,she will not sent you reply.
you can leave message~ *^___^*
[Enquiry] victoria23:Payment (2015-10-10 03:39:12)
Hello, would you please confirm you received payment for order no. 2015092842734. I received receipt of payment 2015-09-28. Thank you.
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~ the dress is finished today~
we will sent it tomorrow~
track number is: EV962114767CN
your can check this number after 36hours~*^____^*
[Message] Anonymous user:Restock of wings? (2015-10-06 04:20:52)
Will you restock the item NO:LJJ004 Angel wing-(B)( ?
Admin Replay
>_<~ only have one in stock~ you can sent mail to:
ask TATA for detail~
PS:she will out for a visit from Otc.14th~22th~
when she back, she will sent you reply~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Doll model (2015-10-04 01:37:57)
May I ask what doll model you have for this outfit Thank you
Admin Replay
the head is made by Volks~(but my friend have make up and change) body is made by:Evoke Doll
hope this will be help~*^___^*
[Message] silvereyed:email (2015-10-02 20:52:49)
I've send email to you. Did you receive it? Is everything OK? ^^
Admin Replay
yes dear~ we have mark the telephone number on the packet~ and will sent it tomorrow~
>_< thx for keep waitting~
[Message] victoria23:Payment (2015-09-28 17:11:18)
Did you receive the payment for order 2015092842734? I have the receipt of payment from paypal but on here it said my payment failed. Did you receive it?
Admin Replay
thx for support ^___^
we usually confirm the order in 36hours~ don't worry~
and your order items are all on the desk~ we have pack already~ will sent the packet tomorrow~
EV962114767CN ---->this is the track number, please check this number after 36hours.
[Message] silvereyed:Payment (2015-09-25 23:00:55)
Hi! Did you receive the payment for the order 2015092215668?
Admin Replay
yes dear~ the payment is received~
we got telephone trouble with your order, and have sent mail to you. waitting for your reply~

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