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[Message] Anonymous user:Size, delivery (2015-11-11 20:34:51)
Hello, 1) If I make an order 13th of November, how soon I can receive it? 2) what size of these 3 items should I order for 72 cm Ringdoll boy?
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thx for support~
for your order~ LBT144 Blak-Ang ---->choose HOUND/DZ70 size~ will be a little tight for your doll~
use SSDF size will be a little fat for your doll~
maybe choose SSDF size and use Leggings(LKW002) will be better~
Bracelet&clothes are ok~
[Message] Anonymous user:2015102692756 (2015-11-11 20:00:36)
Hello! When will you ship order 2015102692756?
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thx for keep waitting~
your packet is send track number is: LM971640681CN
hope you will receive it safely~
[Message] Keirouzane:Payement problem (2015-11-09 01:58:30)
Hello! I bought on your website the 4/11/2015, and paid (78.13 USD)via paypal: i have received the confirmation of the payment by paypal but nothing about your site, is it normal? :/
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don't worry ~ we usually comfirm the payment in 36hours~
and your order is send, track number is: EV959516859CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Buy] kumokuni:I want to buy! (2015-11-05 12:57:09)
Hi~ TaTa. I want to buy NO.LIM134(the mask) But, I can`t work it. Do you accept order from korea? If you are, please let me know how to order? The mask is my wish item. I realy want it. Please help me.
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hi dear~ please let we know your detail reciver information~ and the items you want~
sent mail
we will account the total for you~
[Buy] Anonymous user:How can I buy? (2015-11-05 12:51:15)
Hi. I glad to meet TaTa`s site!! This is wonderful place to me. T=T But, I don`t know how to make order form! (My English is terrible~ please understand) Do you accept oreder from R.korea? If you are, clould you let me know how work it? I really! want the mask!! please please~! ////~//////I`ll be waiting, please bring me a good news~~!!!
Admin Replay
thx for interesting >_<
you can our website is very easy to make order~
if you can't use it. you can sent mail
let we know your order items.size.colour.quantity
and your detail receiver information
we will account the total and sent your reply~
any other question,welcome leave us message
[Message] ryoichui:payment 2015110452014 (2015-11-05 03:55:46)
hi! i'm a bit confused, my order 2015110452014 my paypal says it was paid but your website said 'payment failed' i just wanted to make sure payment was recieved thanks!
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don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~ PS: your order is send, hope you will receive it soon~
[Message] lightly8:Paypal Payment (2015-11-04 22:25:08)
Hello, thank you for combining the orders, I've just paid via Paypal (2015110327866). Thanks again! ^^
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thx for support~ your packet is send, hope you will receive it soon~
[Custom] lightly8:Combine orders (2015-11-03 22:52:31)
Hi, please combine my order 2015110327866 with my earlier order of 2015102738351. Once you've confirmed the new total (- shipping), I'll send the payment via Paypal? Thank you~
Admin Replay
*^___^*we have change the price, please check~
[Enquiry] lightly8:NO:WTM099 22~24cm (2015-11-02 01:39:52)
Hi, is it possible for me to add a wig to my current order if it hasn't been shipped out already? I'd like to buy this wig: NO:WTM099 22~24cm if possible! Thank you~
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thx for interesting~
we have change the price~ *^___^*
you can pay it now~ any other question,welcome leave us message~
[Message] Anonymous user:PayPal payment (2015-11-01 23:01:20)
Dear Tata, I made an order without registering (order no 2015110184124) and paid by PayPal immediately. Your site told me "Payment failed" but in my PayPal the payment was successful. Please let me know whether you received my order and my payment. Thanks a lot! k.
Admin Replay
thx for order~
the payment is received~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours ~ >_< don't worry~
thx for support~

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