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[Message] xNami:clothes that fit (2015-12-12 18:22:31)
good evening Tata ^^ i am sorry for not being detail on my last Q&A, my doll is Crobidoll B-Line Yuri, i still have problem finding pants that fit him because even Tata's SD17 do not fit >___< can Tata recommended me what size that fit ? or will SSDF fit him ?
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do you have detail measurement for your doll?
please let we know~ with the measure,we can give your suggest*^___^*
[Message] Utoshi:About order (2015-12-12 01:25:27)
Hello ^__^ I wanna ask when you will send me my oeder? NO.2015120879815 Thank you
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*^___^* the order is finished yesterday~
we will sent it in 3days~ don't worry~
Merry X'mas~
[Message] littlebirdzoom:2015112522659 (2015-12-09 04:18:49)
Hello? Where is my order?
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*^___^* your order is finished today~
track number is: LS359891795CN
you can check this number after 36hours~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Paypal payment (2015-12-07 06:48:42)
Hello! I purchases from you a shirt, and the sale correctly went through paypal, but your site told me "Paid Fail" and I didn't receive any order confirmation. Because of this, I have no order number. I just want to make sure that the sale processed correctly, thank you!
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could you let we know your order number?
usually we confirm the payment in 36hours >_< don't worry~ you can sign in and check it now~
Merry X'mas~❤
[Enquiry] littlebirdzoom:2015112522659 (2015-12-04 15:28:39)
Hello I am just curious when my order will ship? It's been over a week and I'm not sure why is all. Thank you!
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thx for keep waitting~
your packet is finished today~ we will sent it tomorrow~
track number is: LS359891795CN
Merry~ X'mas~
[Buy] LucifersChoice:Problem Paypal (2015-12-03 08:42:27)
Halo! In my order it says "not paid" - but I've paid you and on my paypal I can see that the money was send to you... D: Thank you!
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*^___^* don't worry~ the payment is received~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
PS:you order is finished, we will sent the packet in this week~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Clothes for bjd 80cm (2015-11-30 04:41:48)
Hi, i hava a question about this topic, i need know if you make any clothes for bjd size 80cm, like IOS, SOOM, etc. I'm waiting for you reply Have a good day.
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>_<recently we have not make outfits for 80cm size doll~ if we can make, we will update ASAP~
thx for support~
[Message] titytetee:Order no. 2015111421593 (2015-11-28 14:40:21)
Hi, It's been 2 weeks since I've ordered and paid but It still didn't ship yet my order no. is 2015111421593
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^___^ your packet is send few days ago~
track number is: EA215099599CN
seems be received~ hope you have get the items~
[Message] lightly8:Tracking Number -> Wrong country (2015-11-21 00:55:32)
Hello! I got the message about my order being shipped but it is now in the wrong country (US)?? Please help! The order is the combined 2015110327866/2015102738351. Thank you!
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our local post office told us, May be the Chinese customs sorting error package, the package will be back in the United States when the United States to re - delivery back to Singapore.
we will keep watch on your packet~
any new message, we will sent mail to let you know~
and we have sent mail to you,please check~
OMG !!!
I will call the post office ask for detail~
any reply ,i will sent mail to you,please check your mail address:
[Message] chakis0213:About Some Item. (2015-11-13 18:00:54)
Hello, I found a good new item in taobao's shop but It deosn't in here yet. 4分3分大叔BJD.SD.DD娃用配件迷你【白色·拍得丽相机】限★现货 I like to know when this item will be listed in here. (I wish to buy this mini white camera).
Admin Replay
it's update, you can order it now~
*^___^* we will update it in a week~ thx for support~

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