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[Message] cowsaysoink:Order 2015122466792 (2016-01-09 03:54:15)
Hello. I made payment for order 2015122466792 two weeks ago, but I haven't heard from you yet. Could I get an update? Thank you in advance.
Admin Replay
thx for keep waitting ~
i have check your order, the XQM022 Pajamas-A is on the way~ sorry for keep you waitting >_<
we will sent your packet in next week~
we will try our best~ of couse,we will sent special gift for you~
thx for support~
[Enquiry] x3Ashley:Payment (2016-01-03 15:23:05)
Hi, my order number is 2016010376813. Payment on your website said it failed but it was taken out of my paypal balance. Just confirming you received it? Also how long will it take before it is shipped? Thanks :)
Admin Replay
don't worry~ the payment is received~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
thx for support~
wish you happy new year~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Leggings length (2015-12-31 13:41:14)
Hi, I was browsing and am interested in making an order soon. Can you please tell me how long your digital print leggings are? (WZM048) Thanks.
Admin Replay
hi dear~
for this print socks, usually around 25cm~
[Message] arisa:2015122424174 (2015-12-25 05:54:59)
Hi, I just made payment for 2015122424174. Your website then said the payment failed, but I checked my paypal and the payment did go through. Please confirm my payment and let me know when my order is ready to be shipped. Also, please ship according to the address provided on PayPal's notes.
Admin Replay
don't worry~
we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
your payment is confirmed~
happy new year~
[Message] 5ofSpades:Infinite Love (2015-12-25 04:10:47)
Hi Hi, Will Infinite Love kimonos restock or get new stock? Thanks
Admin Replay
>_< sorry all the kimono are limited for sale
will not restock again~
[Message] innelda:payment (2015-12-20 12:23:50)
hi there. Order 2015122072214 is paid, please, confirm.
Admin Replay
the payment is received~
we usually confirm the order in 36hours~ don't worry~ Merry~ X'mas~
[Message] Anonymous user:About clothes! (2015-12-20 00:19:48)
Why you did didn`t answer on messeges? Im still waiting when you will send me my order! Its not very good of you to didn`t reply to ppls! ><
Admin Replay
>_< could you please let we know your ID or order number ???
without these, we can't check the order for you~
please let we know~ thx for support~
Merry X'mas~
[Message] Anonymous user:pants msd (2015-12-19 21:04:38)
Hello! Sorry for bothering you. Do you have any pants, which fit Dollzone msd b45-009 body with wide hips? I can`t find any measurements on items. Thank you!
Admin Replay
*^___^* could you please let we know detail measurement for your doll???
waitting for your reply~
[Buy] ihearttoast09:Payment for Order (2015-12-19 13:05:25)
Hello! I recently purchased this wig for $36.46: But when I paid for it with Paypal, it said that my payment didn't go through. Then I received an Email confirmation from Paypal that the order did go through. I am just a little confused as to if the order/money went through or not. My order number is: 2015121993192. Thanks! -Kat
Admin Replay
don't worry~ we usually confirm the payment in 36hours~
your payment is received~ and the wig is ready~
we will sent the packet in 3days~
[Message] loveless:question (2015-12-16 22:39:26)
Hello =) I saw this beautiful kimono on your page and I'd like to know if you are going to sell it ? Link : Thank you, have a good day and merry christmas ~~
Admin Replay
thx for support~
we don't sale this KIMONO~ sorry for that~
we will update more items in furture~ Merry X'mas~

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